Posted by: pwbapro | March 3, 2011

Did you hear the news?

Tommy & I are very excited to announce I am pregnant, with a mid-September due date! 🙂


  1. Hi, Kim, congratulations on your happy news, is it your first?

    Obviously you don’t know me, but I’ve been a big fan forever & wondered what had happened to you. I actually bowled with you, Michelle Greene & Kim Terrell in a ProAm way back when in Fresno, CA…what a thrill that was : )

    Currently I am bowling at Shore Lanes, working with Tom Blasco to prepare for a future Special Olympics title. As a legally blind bowler I am organizing a fundraiser April 23 & have been trying to figure out how to get a recognizable name to appear at the event.

    I know that you are out of the sport, but wondered if you still had contact with anyone local who might be available & willing to waive their appearance fee. Would you consider attending yourself?

    I appreciate anything you can do to help, please check out my FB page” Millie Sims” for more info on me & the event…. PS, I LOVE your elephant & hummingbird story & posted it on my wall a couple of months ago : )

    Thanks, Kim & enjoy this beautiful day!

  2. Congratulations. Just saw the news. How are you doing. Jim and I are happy for you both.

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