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Now on FB

Now on Facebook

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Come visit my new separate blog…

My photoblog. I am happy saying everything I need to say right now with my camera…….

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Back from the ashes…

Something mysteriously occurred about a month ago. My 1999 US Open highlight video disappeared from the web.         Entirely.

First, I discovered it gone from Youtube, then of course the link here did not work. I have a decent ability to track down the most abstract web items, and my search was in vain. My buddies @ the PBA Forum had nothing to add in my search. I have the ability to pull up old web pages from previous incarnations of (did you know I had a blog on my site waay back in 2001-2002? Blogs were not common then) I can sift through entire websites that don’t exist anymore. But the dang video was gone! If it were as simple as an ESPN TV rights issue, then all of my bowling videos and videos of all pro bowlers, and as a matter all sports TV shows on Youtube would be gone as well.

So, my DH, the original digitizer of my clip, dug out the original video from our own personal archives. I have re-uploaded it to Youtube, as well as here. Did not intend on this becoming such a big deal…well, it became a mission. (So…I win now)

Enjoy (again)!

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I am a Registered Nurse

and I care. I am watching faithfully Lance pull off an 8th victory, and July days are sweet! His cancer fight is stuff of legends. Give others a chance at a full recovery here by signing Lance’s Livestrong initiative:

He’s looking for 30,000 to sign before the TdF ends in about a week so that an anonymous donator will match $30,000 dollars.

Healthcare is such on the forefront these days. Let’s include Cancer research and treatment, as it it is the #1 disease killer…and that is my soapbox for the day.

My little (or towering, depending upon your vantage point) student Elise Bolton is at JOG bowling her heart out. Give her a shout out and watch for JOG standings!

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Extracurricular Activities

Away from studying & work, I have found fresh air and gardening….more specifically in roses. I though high maintenance would be too much, espeically looking out my back window. But, then I found, appropriately: “Strike it Rich”: Fortuniana rootstock in a Hybrid Tea, perfect in FL conditions:


How could I resist? Good luck to all at the USBC Queens/National this week: I am thinking of you all…

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Bow(l)ing Out…

…of USBC Women’s Championships next month in Reno. Could not reschedule my final exams, and studying (again) is the priority. Trust me, I am bummed. Still love “puring a shot” off of my hand. Now, if I could only do that 12 times in a row without any practice!

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Good For Him! People asking me…

…about the “guy who bowls with 2 hands in the paper/news?”  Jason Belmonte is making news, and it is rather, more significant news when people in my medical world are asking me about the bowler I have never met. It takes a good amount in bowling to bridge into nonbowling news!

Bowling with 2 hands is not a new idea, but Jason has become a top ranked bowler so it is cause for debate regarding success. I believe every top bowler at one time or another has tossed a 2 handed shot to see what would happen. I probably doubled my rev rate in my few attempts. But, for me it was impossible to keep the ball on the lane. Accuracy may be hindered, so Jason makes it look very easy.


Good for him!

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Free Time

None, BTW. I did divert and work on my glass art website. Go for a visit!

Pharmacology #2 test this Wednesday. Beguinides, Antithyroids, Estrogens, Antimicrobials…oh my.

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Sunday afternoon TV Viewing Commentary

Off for the day of work, and finished with some Pharm studying, I sat to watched the PBA plastic ball Championships. What a wonderful idea. It got people outside the sport to jibber about it. Buzz really wasn’t created. Buzz is higher functioning than a couple of TV broadcasts using the topic as a segway into other commentary. My thoughts: Of course the Cheetah pattern was used with less volume to “safe face” using the equipment. I do not think the commentators said enough about the other “equalizer”, the lane oil.

The bowlers themselves showed a bit of their true selves. It is quite clear Chris has been working with someone (or just maturing) because transitions from ball to placement to the walk back to the chair all had a different, determined feel…Good For Chris. This is the look and in keeping it regular are what we have been wanting to see him get to the past few years. There have been fleeting moments, but this is not a notion. This is much more real. Though he could win the tournament, and then he was steamrolled by PW, who had an amazing shot.

Match two I almost fell asleep, and would awaken to the brightness of shirts. When I see argyle, I think at the very least ‘nerd’ OK, whos’ marketing the geek (or does he really have no conrtol over what he is wearing.) Then I reallize “IL Guy” is a dichotimy: reserved bowling personality, but seem focused steady in in control. His shirt is not cotrolled in any sort. Perfect. He doesn’t need to look at his shirts, only his opponents have to, and get suckered into the visual red maze of confusion. He’s the real thing. He had nothing to lose. He didn’t quake and emotionally stayed in the program. Cargyle really has only luck on his side: he seem all over the place, and well, this also plays out in his shots.

I am beginning to feel old. Those which were commentating, now working on Halls of Fame as the generation to help pass the knowledge onto the new ones. I grew up bowling with these guys. Have my own personal stories about many of them. I see Tom Clark sitting there, instrumental is pushing the story of my Ebay auction, now doing wht he loves (and the $$$ will follow) There aren’t many people passionate about bowling like him.

Very nice trophies, but I am quite fond of crystal.

There’s my 2 cents

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First. Show. 1992.

Wow. Watching this brings back a lot of memories! Watch here, or visit the “Videos” tab above to see it or other previous shows:

Thank goodness Tommy & I worked on me getting my eyes stronger and I got rid of the glasses in 1996. I hadn’t even watched the production of an ESPN women’s show up until the day I appeared there in Rockford. Shot 289 in position round to advance-moved up the ladder from 9th to 5th. There was a lane-man “controversy” after position round, and he quit that evening, leaving lane maintenance for the telecast to the center’s head mechanic. Needless to say the lane conditions on the show were nothing like that of during the week, and I had no experience in the fast adjustments needed to get the job done to advance through the field. I used a Purple Hammer for the show.

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