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I have signed a staff agreement to represent Storm Bowling Products in 2016!!! I will be competing in a few PWBA events later this Summer, including the US Open, as well as hopefully some clinics and appearances as my Nurse Practitioner career will allow in my schedule… stay tuned here, my Facebook Fan Page. Have also initiated a Youtube Channel under “kimadler” ….

I have also re-signed with Turbo Grips as a staff member in 2016. Been a proud supported of Turbo for almost 20 years now, but it is back to being official!!!

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My Hometown Tribute Today

My Hometown Tribute MassLive

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Link to Interview today..

…with David Waswo’s ‘The Bowler’s Show’ internet radio:

The Bowlers Show



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Wonderful News Today!

I have been elected to USBC Bowling Hall of Fame 2016! See below link for the official press release!
It has been a while I had something substantial on the bowling front to report, and I am proud and honored to culminate my bowling career with this prestigious honor…

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What is new these days

As I watch from the sidelines I have no regrets with the twists and turns of my life….I am enjoying my family and our new lives in beautiful Northern New Mexico, just north of Santa Fe. So if you are ever sick, and hopefully you are NOT, you (might) see me at Holy Cross Hospital in Taos NM as one on their Hospitalist team. 😉


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Bowling Clinic, hosted by Dave Sill and Shore Lanes, Merritt Island, also featuring Walter Ray Williams! I will be instructing on Sunday Sept 8, 2013 all day. Stop by and say hello!

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Congrats to all those…

…who made the US open final! Lots of experience in the top 5!

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“The hard is what Made it Great”….

Tonight opens the new exhibit “50 Years of Womens’ Pro Bowling” at the Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum.  15 years of my adult life has been spent with this sport, and I am proud to be part of its history.

Symbolically representative of women’s professional bowling in so many ways, the movie “A League of their Own” touches me still, and I present here one of the best scenes, enjoy!


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US Open Thoughts 2011

Nice to go to and see a new generation of competitors making their mark. These college/young girls are competition-sharp, which is the most important advantage they have over some of the seasoned veterans. I am partial to my protege/student Elise Bolton from my area here in Florida competing in her first Open event, and doing well at this point. Elise keep it up! Feel a bit saddened I cannot attend the unveiling of the new “Professional Women’s Bowling, 50 Years” exhibit opening June 29th at Bowling Headquarters. Long in the making, I hope to visit it very soon (with family in hand 🙂 ) Good luck to everyone in Dallas!

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Did you hear the news?

Tommy & I are very excited to announce I am pregnant, with a mid-September due date! 🙂

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