Posted by: pwbapro | July 31, 2016


On my way into August, traditionally my least-favorite time of year for a number of reasons: anniversaries of family passings, lack of weather patience with heat, humidity, I have some wonderful updates to share which will (hopefully) keep a positve outlook on the month.

I have been notified of another HOF induction, this time from my alma mater East Longmeadow High School Athletics Hall of Fame, in its 2016 class of previous athletes. Induction ceremonies are in November 🙂 

An 11th hour phonecall last week was to request my return to color commentation for the taping of (at least) 2 upcoming TV Finals for the PWBA on CBS Sports Network! I will be doing true color portion for the PWBA Rochester Open and the PWBA St. Petersburg:Clearwater Open, working with play by play Dave Ryan, who apparently was a distant neighbor of mine in Florida before We moved West.

Heading on a flight out today to Chicago to start the PWBA US Open, competing this upcoming week in Addison IL. Certainly not as prepared as I’d like but excited to get back on the lanes to throw some rocks with at least a few pure shots off my hand… One of my goals for the week is to keep you relatively updated here, if not for high scores at least some colorful assessments about what it’s like to be competing again in 2016. This will be my last event of the season but not my last 🙂 

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