Posted by: pwbapro | July 31, 2009

Back from the ashes…

Something mysteriously occurred about a month ago. My 1999 US Open highlight video disappeared from the web.         Entirely.

First, I discovered it gone from Youtube, then of course the link here did not work. I have a decent ability to track down the most abstract web items, and my search was in vain. My buddies @ the PBA Forum had nothing to add in my search. I have the ability to pull up old web pages from previous incarnations of (did you know I had a blog on my site waay back in 2001-2002? Blogs were not common then) I can sift through entire websites that don’t exist anymore. But the dang video was gone! If it were as simple as an ESPN TV rights issue, then all of my bowling videos and videos of all pro bowlers, and as a matter all sports TV shows on Youtube would be gone as well.

So, my DH, the original digitizer of my clip, dug out the original video from our own personal archives. I have re-uploaded it to Youtube, as well as here. Did not intend on this becoming such a big deal…well, it became a mission. (So…I win now)

Enjoy (again)!


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