Posted by: pwbapro | February 21, 2009

First. Show. 1992.

Wow. Watching this brings back a lot of memories! Watch here, or visit the “Videos” tab above to see it or other previous shows:

Thank goodness Tommy & I worked on me getting my eyes stronger and I got rid of the glasses in 1996. I hadn’t even watched the production of an ESPN women’s show up until the day I appeared there in Rockford. Shot 289 in position round to advance-moved up the ladder from 9th to 5th. There was a lane-man “controversy” after position round, and he quit that evening, leaving lane maintenance for the telecast to the center’s head mechanic. Needless to say the lane conditions on the show were nothing like that of during the week, and I had no experience in the fast adjustments needed to get the job done to advance through the field. I used a Purple Hammer for the show.


  1. Kim,

    Glad I was able to post that video.



  2. That was great to see that video, I hope the WOMENS Tour makes a big comeback it was great for the Sport. Nice to see you are going into Nursing, I have had the pleasure of working with many great Nurses in my career. Best of luck to you and I know you will treat your patients with the respect and dignity they deserve. Stephen M. Beckwith MS HCA

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