Posted by: pwbapro | October 7, 2008

Fall 2008 Update!

Thanks for all of the kind words/emails following the recent USBC Women’s US Open Telecasts and reference to my 1999 Open championship!

This Fall, when not working at the hospital, I am busy with my nose to a book for one of my two Masters’ classes: Advanced Pathophysiology & Nursing Theory. I am planning to take two classes per semester, but with Patho eating up about 20-30 hours of studying each week (and my lack of a ‘life’,) it is difficult to think ahead for the next 4 semesters, (with the addition of clinical time.)

I have managed to throw a bowling ball a few times, and Tommy has been busy moving old videos from my various television shows to digital format, so I may be posting some new footage in the near future…stay tuned!


  1. Hey, Congrats on all the new accomplishments.

  2. Kim,

    Best of success to you and Tommy in all future endeavors.

    John aka “Irishpogi”

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