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This is a big one…

It has been announced today I will be inducted into the PWBA, Professional Womens’ Bowling Association Hall of Fame for Superior Performance in May 2022 while the PWBA competes in Addison, Illinois! I am beyond the world with this wonderful news! see the press release here from USBC.

It is a lifetime dream more than a goal one works toward. I really was thinking of just performing well each week, rather each day, while competing regularly on the PWBA from 1991 until 2003, not thinking all those years and hard work would add up to something like this! More thoughts to come with my specch in May! πŸ™‚

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Big Move?

Thinking of moving this site over to Facebook Pages. Thoughts?

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Updated links

There are update links now throughout the site, corrections to broken links, etc. I am working on an overall updated site in the (very) near future as well!

United States Bowling Congress Hall of Fame, Superior Performance link HERE.

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Celebration of Life

Go here to see details on Pete Couture’s Celebration of Life:





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Pete Couture is gone. I have been trying to process this over the past few days since I learned of his passing from his best friend June 30. For you younger folks we were married 1989-1994. We met through bowling. He was my first ‘real’ coach as some would say. My early years just prior to becoming a pro were work 2 jobs and in between, every weekday at Bradley Bowl in Windsor Locks CT I would drive an hour and practice with him. He was new to coaching so we both worked out the rough spots during those years. I was lucky to have his eyes behind me. We then traveled to weekend tournaments, me to WASAs and he to PBA regionals. These were lean years. He was in PBA Purgatory,Β  a bit too old to compete well on the “regular” PBA Tour, and a bit too young waiting on his time to enter the PBA50 Tour. Then there was me, trying to get ‘good enough’ to go bowl on the PWBA Tour.Β  I trusted his eyes, and I will never forget the day we drove back from Wallington Lanes NJ from a WASA where I made it to a rare finals, able to compete against LPBT stars of the time Nikki Gianulias and Alayne Blomenberg. I didn’t win the tournament, but most importantly it was the moment Pete announced he thought I was then ‘good enough’ to try going pro. It was too much money for him to go with me to live my dream, so before internet I was on the phone with him after every block; we were trying our best from a distance to make this work. It must’ve worked because with his help and a bit of luck I became the 1991 LPBT Rookie of the Year.

Pete and my parents had an existential relationship. They were his ‘in law’ parents and yet they were the same age. My father was a bit skeptical but when he saw us together he understood and accepted Pete as family. Pete was there with my mom to tell me my father passed away in 1988. He was just always there. Not just for me, but for anyone asking him for help. But, you had to ask. He was highly introverted and struggled every day to ‘get out there,’ which he did because he had that strength.

He had the heat inside him that he never ever ever liked to lose. He said he mellowed with age but it took days to typically debrief from a big loss when we were together. In later years many including myself tried to hone his marketing skills to develop his coaching business, to no avail. He was better local, one-on-one. He was a the kind of guy that liked looking you straight in the eyes, and knew talent, or lack thereof, straight away.Β  That was one of his best talents, a natural eye for the sport. He had a very sarcastic humor, one which I loved but not everyone understood. He would get a sparkle in his eye when telling a joke which not everyone got.

After our divorce and my quick retreat away from bowling in the Summer of 2004 I had lost myself for a while. I found Tommy Adler, we were married, and it was he who said I needed to find my way back to bowling I had to reach out to Pete. We both struggled with an uncomfortable phase post-divorce to work together on the lanes, but I am in total gratitude to Tommy for getting Pete and I back together. He was the kind of guy who you could pick up with after being away on the road for months…just where you left off. He could eye a catch in my physical game within minutes of us working together.

I used to be annoyed that Pete only loved bowling. He slept, talked, thought of bowling 24:7. I now understand. And I am proud to have been part of his bowling tribe.


Pete Couture, June 30, 2018Β  RIP

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Pleased to announce I was offered a contract to represent Storm Bowling for year #2, proud to be a part of the great Storm team for another year!


storm logo

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Another HOF!

My hometown of East Longmeadow MA…



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Fun to watch CBS Sports Network

This evening and watch Josie Ernest win her first PWBA title again!! Fun to be part of the production team as well. After a long taxing US Open week went straight into commentator mode with interviews and research. One down, one more next week on CBS Doorts network!!

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On my way into August, traditionally my least-favorite time of year for a number of reasons: anniversaries of family passings, lack of weather patience with heat, humidity, I have some wonderful updates to share which will (hopefully) keep a positve outlook on the month.

I have been notified of another HOF induction, this time from my alma mater East Longmeadow High School Athletics Hall of Fame, in its 2016 class of previous athletes. Induction ceremonies are in November πŸ™‚ 

An 11th hour phonecall last week was to request my return to color commentation for the taping of (at least) 2 upcoming TV Finals for the PWBA on CBS Sports Network! I will be doing true color portion for the PWBA Rochester Open and the PWBA St. Petersburg:Clearwater Open, working with play by play Dave Ryan, who apparently was a distant neighbor of mine in Florida before We moved West.

Heading on a flight out today to Chicago to start the PWBA US Open, competing this upcoming week in Addison IL. Certainly not as prepared as I’d like but excited to get back on the lanes to throw some rocks with at least a few pure shots off my hand… One of my goals for the week is to keep you relatively updated here, if not for high scores at least some colorful assessments about what it’s like to be competing again in 2016. This will be my last event of the season but not my last πŸ™‚ 

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New Sponsor!

Proud to say I am now affiliated with Logo Infusion bowling apparel! In the process of designing my own shirts πŸ™‚


Logo%20Infusion%20SplatterAnd with this announcement and partnership I am offering a discount of 10%Β on any Logo infusion product on their website! Just type in the code: KMAD425 with checkout to receive the discount! Yay for savings!!!!!

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